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The Journey From A Hospital Bed To Nature


For those that are searching for a way to find connection, purpose and fulfillment in their life this book is how I rebuilt my life to find these things again. It's about finding my connection to the outdoors but getting there my own way, and never sleeping on the ground.  


For the women like me who are running businesses, households and life just trying to juggle all of it, this story is for you.  This is what you are missing and how you can find it again.  This is how to create that ultimate flow in your life to take hold of the ups and prepare for the downs.  This isn't a "woo woo, get lost in the woods" sort of story but rather practical ways that I make being a CEO and a lover of the outdoors work for me.  I assure you that you too can make these things flow well in your life.  


You can have the peace, the fulfillment and the connection you are searching for without having to give up that fierce drive that keeps you dominating in business.


I hope you enjoy this book!

"How Camping Saved My Life" | Camping Lifestyle Book

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