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Why Women Need The Outdoors

Ladies it is time to Get Outdoors!

We make up 51% of the US population but yet we only make up 46% of outdoor participants. Where are you all at? Why are you not getting outdoors? Do you need to read my book again? (you can grab a copy here)

Yes we are running everything, yes we have a million things on our plate (that we should have probably said no to in the first place) and yes we tend to make a million and one excuses but we have to stop doing all of these things and take care of ourselves.

If we get real with ourselves for just a minute the reason we run everything is because we are good at it. Others ask us nicely or tell us that we are the best and it makes us feel good. Then they pile more and more on our plates until all of a sudden we don't even recognize who we are in the mirror anymore.

We are running kids to eight different practices, trying to keep up at work and oh yeah the laundry needs to be done as well. Who wants to live like that? Why has society told us to live like that?

You can break free from it and the easiest way to do that is by spending time in the outdoors. Even just five minutes every morning with your feet on the earth can help to center you and allow you to realize what is truly important in this world. I guarantee you it is not the eight practices or that project Dan at the office just had to to have your help on. What's important is you! What's important is you living a life of purpose and leaving a great legacy for your children. You living a great life is more important than anything. Your kids seeing that mom was happy and centered and focused and cared is more important than them watching you on a conference call in the car on the way to baseball practice while in line at Chick-Fil-A.

We need time outdoors, we need to make ourselves a priority and get our mental game on point. One of the best ways to do this is to create time outdoors on a daily basis.

Make it a priority!

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