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What You Need For A Beginner Camping Trip

Getting started with the camping lifestyle is very exciting. Whether you are pitching a tent, hitching an RV or sleeping in a hatchback spending a weekend in nature is truly an amazing experience.

Often though people are intimidated by the thought of camping because they assume there is a lot that goes into a weekend trip. The truth is there can be but it can also be extremely easy.

For example when someone sees my 40ft fifth wheel they automatically assume that it is hard to go camping with everything that goes into that rig. Honestly it is very easy but it has taken years and years of failed systems to make our weekend adventures smooth.

To get started as a beginner try to stick with the basics. Here is what you need to think about.

  1. Where are you going to sleep? Regardless of how you decide to camp you need to think about where you will be sleeping. If you are in a tent then you need to have a level area to put it up, if you are in an RV you need a level pad to set up, if you are in your car you probably just need a parking spot. Figure out first how and where you will sleep and then you can move onto the second item.

  2. What will you eat? Food is always very important on any camping trip we are on so behind shelter it is the other most important thing I think about when camping. Do we want to keep things simple or do we want to experiment with new foods? If you are sleeping in a tent or the back of your truck/car then keeping things simple with some sandwiches and chips is key. If you decide to go all out in an RV then you can explore different foods like stuffed burgers or breakfast hash. Both you can find on our YouTube page.

  3. What will you do? After figuring out shelter and food you now need to decide what activities you will partake in. If you are going for just a relaxing weekend then a couple of camp chairs and a cooler is perfect. But if you are looking to do some hiking, biking, swimming or any other activity then you need to be sure to pack bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, hiking boots, your bike and whatever else you may need. Also don't forget to pack a small first aid kit and some great t-shirts (which you can get some awesome ones HERE).

These are the basics, everything else is secondary to these three basic things you need for a beginner camping trip.

You can check out our other resources for more recipes, tips, tricks and adventures to try as you fall more in love with your camping adventures.

Happy Camping!

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