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Top Benefits Of A Good Walk

When is the last time you went for a good walk. Now I don't mean one where you got a good sweat, even though that is important, but rather one where you truly were able to clear your mind and find some peace.

Life throws so many things at us on any given day that it gets overwhelming, daunting and yes even stressful. The truth is though we bring all that stress on ourselves, yes we are the ones that create this stress, so we are the ones that can relieve that stress as well. It has to be a conscious choice though to relieve the stress you are feeling and there is no better way to do that then to go for a walk.

I know throughout your lifetime you have heard about the benefits of a good walk. One where you can let go of all that is bothering in you, take in the sights and smells and come back with the clarity you needed. In business especially I find this so helpful when trying to clear my brain fog, find solutions to challenges, and power myself to keep moving forward.

  • Walking is known to lower your cortisol levels which does reduce your stress levels.

  • It can also lessen your depression by about 30%.

  • Taking a walk can increase your problem solving capabilities and help you get more creative.

It's not just the cardiovascular benefits that a walk can give you but the benefits to your business and to your family life are huge. Imagine if you got up mid work day and took a quick 20 minute walk either around the office building or around the neighborhood if you are working from home. Doing this breaks up your day and gives your mind a chance to reset.

Task switching or multi tasking is something that we all try to do but what if instead of trying to do ten things at one time you did one thing at a time and after each thing is done you got up and walked for 15 minutes. Take that break between each thing to move your body and get mentally prepared for the next task. It may seem silly or even that you don't have enough time in the day to do it but I bet you would be even more productive if you tried it. (Just tell your boss you will make the company more money by doing's the truth!)

Imagine finishing a task and being aggravated that either it took longer than you wanted or that it just didn't work out correctly, instead of taking that frustration into the next task or next meeting get up and walk for 15 minutes to relieve the frustration before jumping to the next thing. It's not a good thing to go into meetings already angry, a quick walk can relieve that and help you go in with a fresh mind.

The benefits of walking to improve your business are insurmountable, it really can change the direction and pace of your business. I have been implementing walking for a while now and have seen great benefits in scheduling the time to move my body throughout the day.

Try it today!

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