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Tips For Traveling With Dogs

No one likes to leave their furry friends at home when they go on a trip whether that is just a hike at a local park or a weekend camping trip. Our pets are our companions and we want to take them everywhere with us.

We camped for 14 years with our furry friends and certainly had our fair share of mishaps from forgetting dog food to the dogs escaping our tent in the middle of the night. We truly have seen it all.

With all of our adventures there are several lessons we learned and tips we can provide to help make your travel with dogs much easier.

First have a bin or container for camping trips with your dog. You can keep this bin stocked and store it in your garage or closet when not in use. Keep the basics in the bin, things like:

  • Food

  • Food bowl

  • Treats

  • Water bowl

  • Towels

  • Flea and tick repellent

  • Extra leash

  • Toys

  • Lead chain

  • Stake

Then when it is time for a camping trip you just do a quick check of the bin to make sure you have enough of everything and you are ready to go. If you are doing any sort of dry camping be sure to grab an extra gallon or two of drinking water for your pup.

When you are exploring a local hiking trail there are a few things you can have on hand for your dog that will make the trip easier. First make sure you are choosing a length of hike appropriate for your pup. Next make sure they have a good collar and leash to keep them out of danger but also able to explore a bit on their own. If you are hiking in warmer weather be sure to have extra water for your dog and even a collapsable water dish is good to have. If you want to bring extra treats or a ball for your dog you can always get a pack for your pet to carry their items in. Last enjoy the time hiking with your dog, let them run and explore while staying safe.

When it comes to traveling in the car keeping your dog in the back of your vehicle is always best. Sure we all want them to ride on our laps but it not only creates a bad habit, been there done that, but it is also a very big distraction for you. Having a good towel or sheet for them to lay on is good as well to lessen the amount of mud and dog hair that gets all over you car. When you get to your destination be sure your put your dogs leash on them before they get out of the car so they don't run off.

The last tip I have for traveling with dogs regardless of where you are going or what you are doing is to be aware of your surroundings. Not all dogs are friendly so allowing yours to run up to another dog is not a good thing. Be respectful of where you are and appreciative of the space you are in.

Happy Travels!

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