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The Truth About The Outdoors

People say the outdoors is not for everyone, that is a lie.

The outdoors is actually for everyone but people live in fear that they will not “do it right” or that people will “judge” them for various reasons. We have all been there, right? We get this urge to head into the outdoors only to get there and see ten other people with hiking boots, hiking poles, fanny packs, snacks, water and everything else we think we need. We begin to feel like we don't belong there and that we are doing this whole outdoors thing wrong.

Often times we get back in our car and drive home, never to experience the true joy that the outdoors can bring. This is a shame and is not what nature is intended to bring us.

Here’s the truth, the outdoors is for everyone…. Period!

Anyone can get into the outdoors and it doesn’t have to be in this fancy way where your whole life has a new meaning and you become enlightened nor do you have to have all the latest gadgets and gizmos. No, it can just be a simple experience of breathing some fresh air to get you to stop for one moment and remember that you are alive.

You can be anyone from anywhere and experience the outdoors and truly feel like for those 30 seconds you got what you needed. You don’t have to be an extreme competitor racing down the slopes or someone who is peddling 200 miles in a race, you can be a normal girl from the middle of the country who just happens to like to go outside in her bare feet and feel the earth under her.

You can do the outdoors in whatever way you like because the truth is the outdoors is for everyone. So let go of any misconceptions you may have about not being ready to get outdoors and just go.

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