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The 10 Benefits Of Camping

Camping can really change your life.

If you don't believe me check out the book I wrote, How Camping Saved My Life which details how I worked myself into a downward spiral and ultimately ended up in the hospital for a weekend trying to figure out why a 28 year old woman would have stroke like symptoms.

Beyond that though there are many benefits to camping that can radically change your life. If you are feeling overworked, tired, out of touch, disconnected, lost, overwhelmed or any negative feelings then spending some time in outdoors camping can really help to calm all of these.

Some of the other benefits of camping include:

Reduced Stress

Better Sleep

Improved Mental Health

Improved Mood

Increased Physical Activity

Increased Focus


Fresh Air

Healing After Illness

Thrill of Challenges

For some camping can seem like a hassle and would not allow for some of these benefits but it can be a very easy process. If you are thinking about camping in an RV then check out our RV service and repair company, Pull Through Sites, where we have everything you need to begin your camping journey.

If you are just thinking about grabbing a tent and heading to a local campground then here are some tips to make your trip run smooth.

First, keep it simple. You don't need much for a one or two night trip, all you really need is food, water, shelter and clothing. Stick to these four basic things and you will have a relaxing time.

Second, go somewhere close for your first time. Don't try to adventure too far if this will be your first camping trip. There are great places within an hour or so of most major cities that will allow you to get out and reduce some stress while enjoying time away from the city.

Finally, remember this trip is about relaxing and recharging. Some people try to pack so many things into a weekend trip and that is great but at the same time if you are trying to recharge yourself and get your focus back then don't over plan a weekend with too many adventures.

Everyday People Outdoors is all about keeping the outdoors simple and showing people how they can retain the benefits the outdoors has to offer. If you are feeling like your everyday world is getting too heavy then try a quick weekend camping trip to refill your cup.

- Jessica

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