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How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Outdoors

Why does it always seem that in every movie or every news story the woman always gets drug to the woods to be slaughtered.

Yes of course it is secluded but it has left many of us feeling scared and apprehensive to go into the woods. Not to mention wild animals that could kill us.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t always like to go into the woods alone for a quick hike but I also have educated myself on protection. I have learned to be extremely aware of my surroundings. My husband and I take precautions so we are well aware of where each other is if we are out by ourselves and I make sure that I don’t head out on a new adventure without someone knowing where I am.

Do I understand that yes I could fall and hurt myself and have to scream for help, if I can scream at all, yes I do. But I also feel confident in my skills and abilities to get myself out of most situations. I am not some survivalist nor do I remember everything from my CPR class from 20 years ago but I get the basics of how to take care of myself if something were to happen.

Here are some things you can do to combat your fear of getting outdoors.

1. If you are scared to go on a hike start small with a short trail or even a local park with a walking path. Don't start out on a five mile hike but rather a short one or two mile hike in a well lit and high traffic area.

2. Educate yourself on some of the basics and take things to protect yourself. You may not be like me and be comfortable carrying a gun but you can carry a knife or know how to pick up a rock and throw it at a person or animal, where appropriate.

3. Always let someone know where you are and maybe download an app to track your location. Rusty and I are fans of the Life360 app which allows us to see where one anther are when we are both venturing out into the woods alone.

4. Learn to be aware of your surroundings specifically where you started your hike and a general sense of direction back to your vehicle. It is very easy to get turned around but if you can be aware of the direction you need to go it will give you a sense of ease.

5. Throw a first aid kit in your bag and be sure everyone on the hike knows how to use it. If you are out alone with just your kids make sure they know how to call for help or find an adult.

The outdoors are not scary and you don’t have to be doing these wild excursions that puts you in the path of some wild animal all by yourself. Start with the basics of a quick hike or a walking path in your local park, get comfortable with it and then move on from there.

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