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How To Make The Outdoors Easy

In today’s world everyone wants things to be easy and convenient and they view the outdoors as anything but easy or convenient.

Deep down humans understand they need the outdoors as much as they need air to breath or water to drink, it is part of our human makeup. But we get this idea in our head that having time in the outdoors can be put off for another day all the while living in a mediocre existence that is causing more harm than good.

Getting outdoors is as easy as putting on your shoes and stepping outside or even stepping out barefoot if you like to do grounding practices like I do.

Here are some ways to make the outdoors easier:

  1. Put your shoes by the door. I know it seems silly but if you have to walk to the door to put your shoes on or you see your tennis shoes every time you go in and out of the door it is a reminder that you need to take some time to get outdoors and go for a walk.

  2. Schedule it. If you are like me and your entire day is scheduled almost down to the minute then schedule some time for the outdoors as well. If you sit in an office all day (home or not) you should be getting up every hour and stretching anyway, might as well do this for five minutes outdoors.

  3. Take your office outside. One thing I love is being able to take my laptop and work in what I call my outdoor office, which essentially is just my deck. I do this all summer and fall during those amazing weather days here in the midwest. You would not believe the creativity that comes and the amount of work I get done.

Stop thinking it is this inconvenient thing that you just don’t have time for. Make time for the outdoors and I promise your life will change dramatically. Get over thinking that it will be hard, it isn’t, you are just making it harder in your head.

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