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How Getting Into The Outdoors Can Help Your Business

If you are in business like me then you want one thing, you want your business to grow. Period!

We all want that and even if you work for someone else you want the business to grow because ultimately that could mean more money in your pocket. But how can your business grow if you are stuck inside starring at the same blank screen all day long, at the same spreadsheet trying to figure out how to get some formula to work.

Different environments create different ideas, they create different possibilities and they can get you unstuck in your business. People ask me often about how I can look at a business and see the holes that need to be plugged and then be able to put the plan together to plug them.

It’s simple, the outdoors help me do that. Taking a complex problem in your business and looking at it either in a different environment like the outdoors or just stepping away from it for five minutes can instantly change your business.

Even when you are tired but have to get a certain project done simply taking your laptop outside and doing work in the outdoors can help recharge your brain and allow you to get through a project much faster.

The outdoors is there to rejuvenate us, we are supposed to coexist in the outdoors. That means working in the outdoors and also allowing the outdoors to fill our cup so we can come back and crush it in our businesses.

If you are looking to grow a business like I am or you are looking to advance in your career I guarantee you that creating everyday outdoor habits is the key.

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