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How CEO Women Can Enjoy The Outdoors

Just because you don’t have the right shoes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors.

Just because you find walking in your neighborhood a good way to get outdoors doesn’t mean you are not doing the outdoors correctly.

In our ever judgmental world where everyone thinks you have to do things a certain way I encourage you to do the outdoors in whatever way you want to. You can be from any background in any sort of way and still enjoy the outdoors, just get out there.

But for many type A, CEO women like me it can be hard to even get started in the outdoors because we have to have a checklist, a plan and solutions for whatever could possibly come up. Let me be the first to say that checklists are great and I have a few of them but the biggest tip I can give you is to let it all go.

Everyday, as CEO women, we are running the show, thinking about how we can push our companies forward and if you are like me you may struggle at times with letting it all go at times. We are running so many things that when its time for us to relax we may find it hard to just let it all go. If you are like me I am always thinking about new ways to grow my business, my brain never shuts off.

The outdoors has allowed me to find that time to decompress and turn my brain down. It has allowed me to find a way to recharge, refocus and create new solutions to the challenges in my business. You may be shocked at how a quick walk outside can help you get unstuck when you are facing challenges. Simply taking your laptop outside and doing a little work can also help to get through a wall you are facing.

The outdoors helps CEO women to find the balance we need internally to keep us moving forward at 110 mph like we need to.

You can be a CEO woman and enjoy the outdoors, I do it all the time and I even talk about it on my podcast, The CEO Camper.

Start simple with a walk everyday or take your laptop outside for some work for an hour a day. You can move on from there with a morning hike, long bike ride or even a jog in the park. Then take the next steps to an overnight camping trip.

If you are worried about what could happen int he outdoors reach out and I can help you get started.

- Jessica

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