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Easy Snacks for Any Outdoor Adventure

I am a snackaholic!

Really I am, I love snacks.

I could live on snacks all day, everyday.

So when it comes to the outdoors I MUST have snacks or let’s be honest, I get hangry.

These snacks are never gourmet items and they are never hard. Rather they are simple things that I can throw into my backpack, slingback or carry in my pocket for those times when I need to have a quick bite.

Here are the top things I like to carry with me:

1. Jerky. Not only is this a great source of protein but it cannot get any simpler than this. A lot of jerky comes in individual servings, many different flavors and can be portion controlled very easily. My top jerky choices are; for individual servings I always go with 1st Phorm Jalapeno Meat Sticks and for more than one serving I absolutely love Duke's Hatch Green Chile Shorty Sausages. Both of these are great options, fit in any bag and will keep you full for a few hours.

2. Trail mix. Personally I like to make my own trail mixes with some mixed nuts, dried fruits and maybe a piece of chocolate or two but you can certainly purchase pre-made trail mix in individual or bulk servings. This is a great thing for kids to do as well if you are going to take them on a hike for the day, have them make their own trail mix ahead of time and keep in their backpack.

3. Fruit like an apple or grapes. Easy fruit that you don't have to slice up and can just toss in your bag is perfect. Things like an apple, grapes, a banana, strawberries or blueberries are perfect to get in those carbohydrates your body needs to keep fueling your daily adventures.

4. Protein bar or protein balls. Again getting in your protein is a must when venturing out into the outdoors for the day and you can't go wrong with either of these options. A good protein bar and probably one of my favorites is the 1st Phorm Level - 1 Bars or if you are looking for a non-dairy option I like Rx Bars. Protein balls are also a great item that you can make at home and then just toss into a baggie for your adventures. I have a great video on making your own protein balls and you can watch it here.

Having a small bag with these sort of snacks are must haves anytime I am getting out for more than just a quick walk in the neighborhood. These are all easy and won't take up too much time to make or to stop and eat when you are out on the trail.

Try one today!

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