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Do You Need Hiking Boots?

When I first started hiking or should I say walking in the woods I didn’t have hiking boots, I used whatever tennis shoes I had and most of the time they were an old pair because I didn’t care about getting those dirty.

I spent years satisfied with whatever tennis shoes I had on hand and enjoying the outdoors. A few years back both Rusty and I decided to get some hiking boots thinking we would hike more. We decided on the brand Keen simply because they are made in America and they happened to be on sale at the local boot store.

I have to say that boots made a difference.

Now I will tell you that you don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest, tennis shoes will work, but there is a difference when it comes to having actual hiking boots.

One my ankles are supported and as someone who falls on a consistent basis this really does make a difference.

Two you have a more sturdy sole with hiking boots so that rock you step on or tree you have to climb over won’t hurt your feet as bad and three they really are just more comfortable. I do feel like I can hike longer.

So yes I am a huge proponent of just getting outdoors regardless of gear and am one for saying that you don’t need the latest and greatest, fanciest gear but snagging a clearance pair of hiking boots from your local boot store is never a bad way to go.

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