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Budget Friendly Ways To Get Outdoors

Over the past 50 years there have been some great brands that have come out with some great gear, gear that we use all the time in our home.

The truth is though some of those brands are pretty expensive and can be a deterrent for people looking to create and outdoor lifestyle. Let me be the first to tell you that I didn’t own hiking boots until three years ago and I had been hiking, well walking in the woods, for nearly a decade.

I have never owned hiking pants, poles or a fancy hiking backpack. All of these things that seem like “must haves” to even consider getting into the outdoors are false. You literally just need to get outside.

It doesn’t have to be expensive for you and you don’t need fancy things to do it. Make sure you are safe, make sure you are comfortable and then get outdoors.

There are a few things though that are important when it comes to the outdoors to keep you safe and comfortable.

First lets talk about safety. While I said you don't need this big fancy backpack, and you don't, it is good to carry some type of bag with you. If you are looking for something small you can check out something like this that will hold a few items while in the outdoors. I use a bag like this and wear it like a crossbody bag all the time. I have even used smaller ones like this to just keep a phone, credit card and gun in when on a run close to home.

The point of the bag is to keep the safety items in there. Things like your cellphone, a small first aid kit if you are doing a longer hike, a gun or knife or both, maybe a small thing of bug repellent and a snack bar or two. (see my blog on good snacks for what to bring.)

Second you need to be comfortable and I always start with my feet. I have tried so many socks over the years, everything from cheap to expensive and hands down the socks Rusty and I love most are the Darn Tough Vermont socks. These are soft, comfortable and great for hiking. After socks I opt for a good jacket. My favorite jacket actually is from Costco but I don't think they make them any more. Something similar is like this.

If you can keep your feet dry and comfortable and also stay warm and covered while in the outdoors it will make your time more enjoyable while you are out.

Don't be fooled in thinking you need all this fancy gear or need to spend hundreds of dollars on things to even get started in the outdoors. Just get some good shoes, good socks, a jacket and a bag and then head out.

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