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Time spent outdoors not only improves your mental and physical health, it is something we need today, more than ever. Being in the outdoors relieves stress and anxiety, gives us the freedom of movement, and helps us focus. This leads to a more joyful, balanced, productive life.


You don’t need a forest or beach to get the full health benefits of getting outdoors. Enjoying the outdoors can look like anything from walking the dog to embracing a sunrise on your porch — you don't have to hike the tallest mountain peaks or go camping to love nature.


At Everyday Outdoors, we aim to bring you simple, effective ways to get outdoors while providing you the necessary tools to make your time more enjoyable. No matter your background or experience, we’re here to help you find your own place outdoors, on your own terms.

What You Need To Get Outdoors


a guide to getting outdoors